The Ad Creative Operating System

The first comprehensive operating system for ad creative production, approvals, personalization, serving, measurement and optimization across all digital ad formats including web display & DCO, video, Facebook, mobile and more.

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RevJet Partners with LiveRamp to Enable Enhanced Campaign Optimization

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Digital Creative Reimagined

Digital Creative Reimagined

It’s time to think differently about your digital ad creative. With the RevJet CSP, you'll effortlessly deliver optimized digital advertising experiences, across all formats and devices, to each of your target audiences. Your creative works harder than ever, making it virtually effortless to double the number of customers generated by your digital advertising. Your digital ad creative is no longer a cost center – it’s a performance engine.

The Connected

The Connected Creative

Today’s marketers and agencies are disconnected from their own ad creatives. In most organizations, ad creatives are thrown over a wall, leaving marketers unable to definitively review their entire creative landscape, and powerless to accurately measure and improve creative performance.

With the CSP, marketers can build, serve, measure and optimize all digital ad creatives across all media buys – effortlessly. At last, marketers can tailor perfectly optimized creatives for each of their target audiences.

The Always-On

The Always-On Experiment

Today, ad creative experimentation is slow, expensive and episodic. As a result, ad creatives perform poorly and effectiveness decays even further over time.

With the RevJet CSP, experimentation is fast, simple and continuous. Every impression, every click and every conversion provides real-time feedback to drive systematic performance improvement. Unchallenged digital ad creative is a thing of the past.

The Creative Side
Platform (CSP)

The Creative Side Platform (CSP)

The RevJet CSP is the first and only platform that enables marketers and creative agencies to easily create large volumes of beautiful brand-safe creatives — of any format — and automatically traffic them into unlimited simultaneous optimization experiments. In the age of the CSP, creative has a real-time feedback loop, and creative effectiveness perpetually improves.

RevJet Partners with LiveRamp to Enable Enhanced Campaign Optimization

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