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Beyond Basic Ad Testing

A Proven Framework for Perpetual Digital Creative Optimization

While you’ve probably heard terms like iterative testing and concept testing, how do you use these methods? Do you stick with just one, or use both – and if both, how? How do you prioritize and order your tests so they’re both efficient and effective?

Whether testing and optimization is engrained in your team’s DNA, or whether you’re just starting to build your organization’s testing capabilities, this guide will provide a high level overview of how different testing methods can be incorporated into your digital advertising efforts in a way that identifies and optimizes high performing ad creative.

What's inside?

  1. when and how to use concept, iterative, and blended testing methods

  2. how to achieve fast and cost-effective perpetual, iterative, velocity-oriented testing (PIVOT)

  3. what foundational elements should you have in place before PIVOTing

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About RevJet

The RevJet Ad Experience Platform is the first enterprise-grade SaaS platform that orchestrates meaningful, personalized ad creative experiences at scale. RevJet was purpose-built to power all ad creative use cases including DCO, personalization, audience management, creative performance visualization, experimentation, and self-optimizing performance competitions.