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Forrester 2019 Consumer Marketing Forum
How Allstate and Red Ventures are Modernizing the Customer Ad Experience

RevJet joined leading brands and analysts at the 2019 Forrester Consumer Marketing Forum to discuss one of the top trends B2C companies are facing today - the direct to consumer (DTC) model. During our presentation, we compared perspectives of customers Red Ventures and Allstate - discussing how digital-first and traditional brands are embracing innovations and modernizing their marketing.

Red Ventures is a portfolio of digital companies (including MyFinance, The Points Guy, and CreditCards.com to name a few) dedicated to delivering personalized experiences. Allstate is a leading US insurer and also owns the DTC brand esurance. Both companies are focused on delivering meaningful customer experiences at each touchpoint, including digital advertising. Hear how they’re revolutionizing their marketing to take control of customer advertising experiences.

Austin Hulak – Vice President at Red Ventures
John Baronello - Director, Marketing Analytics at Allstate
Moderated by Mitchell Weisman - Founder & CEO at RevJet