, Purpose built apps to power all digital marketing creative use case

The Orora appXchange allows easy installation of dozens of purpose-built Marketing Creative apps to power every aspect of your digital marketing. Simply access the appXchange to easily configure apps for personalization, dynamic creative optimization, end-to-end workflows, and audience-based marketing for any channel.

Purpose built apps to power all digital marketing creative use case

Available apps
Display, social, video,
& native creative building apps

The Production Suite turbocharges creative production and gives you the ability to build hundreds of creative variations in minutes.

In this Suite, you can easily experiment with creative elements, adapt a winning creative strategy to a full spectrum of ad sizes, translate your creatives to different languages, and update hundreds of creatives to new assets... all at once.

Experience Delivery Apps

The Experience Delivery Suite makes media trafficking so simple and easy, you’ll never want to back to your old way of working.

RevJet's modular trafficking system frees media management from creative, which gives you the power to make real-time changes in creative strategy and audience targeting, without the need to update tags.

Personalization, Programmatic Creative, & DCO apps

The Audience and Personalization Suite lets you build or import custom audiences through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

This Suite lets you create uniquely personalized creatives, or to target experiments, in seconds.

Creative workflow & approval apps

The Workflow Suite gives enterprises, their agencies, and all stakeholders the power to seamlessly collaborate through the entire creative lifecycle.

Build custom workflows that support your unique needs to request new creatives or experiments, approve or modify work in progress, configure alerts, and much more.

It's also easy to use and mobile-friendly.

High velocity Creative Optimization apps

The Optimization Suite brings together everything you need to make your campaigns thrive through a best-in-class experimentation engine.

This Suite gives you the power to run A/B or multivariate creative tests, build or import audiences, and personalize creatives to deliver exceptionally custom experiences.

Digital asset management apps

The Builder Suite bundle includes all builder applications, along with Asset Cloud and Preview Center.

You get everything you need to build beautiful, personalized, and interactive creatives for any channel, including display, mobile, social, native, and video.

All in a simple and intuitive system that puts the power into the hands of marketing pros.

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