, Access powerful technology to support digital ad experience management

The Orora Operating System makes it easy to build automatically pre-integrated Apps for Customers and 3rd Parties. The Orora framework cuts the time and complexity of code development in half. No need to worry about functionality, scaling, data-objects and storage, integration or deployment.

Orora’s simple API provides access to a full array of
powerful back-end systems including:

Dynamic audience & creative

Powers the dynamic creation and targeting of audiences, data-driven marketing decision making, and the assembly of dynamic personalized creatives and video

Automatic, self-optimizing performance optimizations
Dynamic Content
Delivery Engine

Dynamically assembles personalized creative content for delivery to any channel

Video, Audio & Snapshot
Compilation Engine

Encodes, transcodes and compiles dynamic video, audio and static snapshot images

Real Time
Audience Engine

Collects, models and scores user behavior data in milliseconds

Real Time
Product Engine

Manages and Models product (SKU) data and pricing and Predicts (via collaborative filtering) inter-product relationships

Audience Based
Rule Engine

Dynamically formulates audiences based on detected, behavioral, imported and other data for creative targeting & personalization

infrastructure for
decision making

Provides infrastructure for statistical decision making: Confidences, Principal Component Analysis, Regression, Analysis of Variance, Taguchi

flags & notifies

Automatically flags and notifies any deviations from expected creative, consumer, or campaign behavior

Automatic, self-optimizing performance optimizations

Marketing Intelligence

Automatically collects billions of data-points and acts intelligently and proactively by continuously learning from the data

Big Data

Collects, categorizes and aggregates billions of data points across media and site-side activity for lightning fast analysis via an MPP vertical data store

Genetic Optimization

Provides evolutionary optimization over multiple generations of assets, creatives


Continuous learning for audience clusterization to optimize creative response by each sub-audience

Insight Engine

Automated identification of variance from baseline creative behavior across audiences

Expert System Engine

Inference-based Business Rules Engine (BRE) that advises on creative and experiment design

Look-alike Engine

Builds audiences of like behaving consumers based on site and media behavior

Enterprise Business
Process management

Enables the management of people, processes and production within and beyond the enterprise

Automatic, self-optimizing performance optimizations
complex hierarchies

Manages complex hierarchies of users and contacts across multiple teams, divisions, agencies and publishers

BPM Engine

Enables BPMN compliant business process management configuration

workflow backbone

Provides an enterprise-grade workflow backbone

Notification Engine

Makes available a real-time, multi-channel notifications via SMS, email and other channels

unique creative throughput

Provides a unique view on creative throughput from initial request to ideation and production and final approvals and trafficking