The RevJet CSP Testing Methodology

Drive Unprecedented Campaign Performance with Perpetual Creative Experimentation on the RevJet CSP

The RevJet CSP is designed to continually improve the performance of digital ad creative via high-velocity creative testing and to minimize the media budget required to identify test winners and improve campaign performance.

This guide explains...

  • 1

    The problems with current approaches to creative testing

  • 2

    The RevJet CSP’s unique testing methodology

  • 3

    How RevJet continually lifts creative performance

About RevJet

The RevJet Creative Side Platform (CSP) is the first and only comprehensive platform for creating, measuring and optimizing programmatic, mobile, social and video ad creatives. The RevJet CSP enables marketers and agencies to build beautiful, brand-safe digital ad creatives and effortlessly execute unlimited numbers of simultaneous, self-optimizing experiments.